Resources for Reps


Congratulations on your successful campaign, and welcome to your year as an elected Students’ Association representative! All of us at the Students’ Association are looking forward to working with you.


What students expect of you

You have been elected by students who trust that you will effectively represent their interests within the Students’ Association, the University, and beyond. It is only when each and every one of our reps engages fully with students, and with our democratic structures, that the Students’ Association can be considered truly representative. By engaging fully in the role you will be able to gain recognition of your role on your Higher Education Achievement Report. As a rep you must: 


  • Attend Elected Rep training in September of October. If you are an Activities Rep then you must also attend Activities Rep training. 
  • Attend at least four out of six Student Council meetings or send your appologies to Attending and contributing to Student Council is an important part of your role. If you are an Activites Rep then you must also attend Activities Executive meetings. You have been elected by your fellow students to represent their views. Elected Reps receive extra value in their votes to reflect this important responsibility. Not all students are able to attend Student Council to take part in those decisions so as Reps you have a responsibility to find out what their views are and vote accordingly.


What you can expect from the Students’ Association

The Students’ Association is here to ensure that you feel fully trained and supported to fulfil your role. In order to do this, the Students’ Association will offer you a range of support throughout the year:


  • Initial training for all reps covering the your role in the Students’ Association.
  • Year-round support from staff and Sabbatical Officers in person at the Students’ Association offices in Potterrow, via, or by contacting the Sabbatical Officers individually.


Contacts - General Enquiries

Student Council:

School Rep Team:

Activity Rep Team:


You can find the contact details of the Sabbatical Officers here.


Our Student Leadership and Representation Hub in Potterrow is open 9:30 – 5 p.m. every day so feel free to pop in with any queries.