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How Student Council works


You decide what the Student Council does. It’s open to all students so you can go along and take part in discussions, vote on ideas and help to take forward projects and campaigns. Student Council’s main purpose is to discuss ideas and create policy which directs the work of Edinburgh University Students' Association. Some students have elected seats on Student Council. These are your elected Students' Association reps.


All Student Council Meetings for 2018/19 have now taken place. If you have any questions please send us an email! The next Student Council meeting will be on September 26th 2019.


Student Council 2018/19

27th September
25th October
29th November
24th January Final Papers
21st February
28th March


Student Council 2017/18

Agenda and Papers
Meeting Summary
Sabb Reports
Additional Documents
28th September
26th October
23rd November
25th January
15th February
22nd March


Progress of implementing motions adopted at Student Council


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If you have any questions about Student Council or want to get involved then please get in touch with us by emailing


You can read the complete democracy regulations here and our Safe Space Policy here.



Student Council (27 October 2016)

Sabb Reports (27 October 2016)

Student Council (24 November 2016)

Sabb Reports (24 November 2016)

Student Council (2 February 2017)

Sabb Reports (2 February 2017)

Student Council (2 March 2017)

Sabb Reports (2 March 2017)

Student Council (30 March 2017)

Sabb Reports (30 March 2017)