What Kind of Questions Can I Submit?
Edinburgh University Students' Association, give you the chance to submit questions to our Referendum and to have your say on the big issues.
You can ask a number of different types of questions:
Questions that ask the Students' Association to campaign on an issue, or take action and work towards acheiving a goal
For example, in the February 2012 referendum, students asked the Students' Association to campaign with the Vet School Council for a free bus for Vet School students at the Easter Bush campus.
Questions that commit the Students' Association to a position or a principle on an important subject
For example, against tuition fees or in favour of a 'living wage'.
Questions that demonstrate the strength of student feeling on an issue.
For example, in the February 2012 referenda, it was shown that students strongly favoured the University publishing 'hidden course costs' so that students can be fully aware of these when choosing their courses. The University committed itself to do this following the vote.
Questions that affect the way that the Students' Association operates
For example in the February 2012 referenda students approved increasing the number of Undergraduate School reps on the Students' Association's Academic Council from 1 to 2.
In most cases operational issues can be dealt with through other channels within the Students' Association.

Referenda are a way of engaging with ALL students, so questions should be sufficiently large and have a wide student interest.
Once you've decided what question to ask, submit it to the Students' Association Team.
Students should be aware that all questions are subject to oversight by the Students' Association Trustee Board, which has a legal obligation to ensure the legal, financial and reputational wellbeing of the Association on behalf of its members.