Liberation Campaign Committees 2019/20


The Liberation Campaign Committees sit within the Students’ Association’s wider Liberation Campaigns. Each Liberation Campaign (Black and Minority Ethnic, Disabled Students’, LGBT+, Trans and Non-Binary, and Women) will have a Committee of three volunteer student members. These Committees will sit under the elected Liberation Officers and will have the following responsibilities:


  • Shaping the direction of the Liberation Campaign - Working with the Liberation Officers to identify potential areas of work and decide on the Campaigns’ priorities


  • Supporting the Liberation Officers in delivery of events and campaigns - Collaborating with other Committee Members and the Liberation Officers to run events and campaigns


  • Holding the elected Liberation Officers to account - Ensuring the Liberation Officers are fulfilling their role and reflecting the needs of self-defining students


Committee Members will be selected by internal elections within the Liberation Campaigns in which all self-defining students are eligible to vote (unlike in the main Students’ Association elections you do not need to self-define via the Students’ Association website).




Each committee has three open positions, which any self-defining student can stand for.


While we want students who sit on these Committees to make the most of the roles, we also recognise that they are voluntary positions and so they are very flexible in terms of time commitment and will receive a high level of support from both the Liberation Officers and relevant Students’ Association staff. Our hope is that these roles will act as an opportunity for interested students to come more involved in the Liberation Campaigns, gaining valuable skills and experience for the future.




You can nominate yourself for the Liberation Campaign Committee positions using this form.


If you would like to stand for multiple positions, please submit a new form for each position. The deadline for nominations is 9:30am on Wednesday April 24th. After this date we will publish the candidate statements for each of the positions and open the elections, which will remain open for 7 days.


If you have any further questions, you can contact the Students’ Association’s Welfare and Equality Coordinator in confidence at