LGBT+ Campaign
The LGBT+ Campaign exists to provide a safe space within Edinburgh University Students' Association where self-identifying LGBT+ students can come together, discuss the issues affecting them, and campaign to improve their student experience. There are many identities which fall under the LGBT+ umbrella including, but not limited to, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, and asexual, and all students who self-define as LGBT+ are welcome to join.
The LGBT+ Campaign is led by the Students' Association's LGBT+ Officer. This year's LGBT+ Officer is Rosie Taylor, who was elected by self-defining LGBT+ students in the Students' Association's March elections.

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Get Involved 


All self-identifying LGBT+ students are welcome to get involved in the LGBT+ Campaign. To find out more you can join the Facebook group, email, or come along to one of the Campaign's events.
Campaigns and Events
You can read Rosie's full manifesto which she was elected on here but the issues she is planning to focus on this year are:
  • Establishing outreach to local schools and youth groups to educate about representation and respect.
  • Organising regular spaces for LGBT+ students, staff and allies to find support, celebrate achievements, and open a dialogue
  • Running a non-gendered fashion show that highlights the work of LGBT+ students and centres diverse models and creators.
Each year during February, the LGBT+ Campaign leads the Students' Association's LGBT+ History Month celebrations, organising panel discussions, film screenings, and social events. If you'd like to be involved in arranging 2020's programme, please email
The Students' Association has produced a short guide to pronoun use for allies which you can find here.