Impact Awards

The Impact Awards celebrate inspiring work at the University of Edinburgh in Student Representation, Global experiences, and Peer Learning and Support. The Impact Awards are a chance to celebrate exceptional students who make a positive impact on the University and on their fellow students through running projects or events, or undertaking specific roles. Perhaps your Peer-Assisted Learning scheme has helped you excel in you studies or your Class Rep has gone above and beyond to ensure that your academic experience is the best it can be. Or maybe your Edinburgh Buddy went the extra mile to help you settle in.


This year we have 11 categories! See below for information on each category.  


Nominations for the Impact Awards have now closed - thank you to all those who nominated deserving students and projects, and congratulations to everybody who was nominated!


See our shortlisted students and projects below. The winners will be announced at our ceremony on 5 April.




This award recognises a student who has made an outstanding impact on the student experience of others, contributing to the positive experience of those around them.



~ Shortlist ~


Scott Docherty (School of Chemistry)

Ayshia Taskin (Edinburgh College of Art)




This award recognises a staff-student team or pair that have worked successfully in collaboration within Representation, Peer Learning and Support, or globally-focused projects. 



~ Shortlist ~


Morgan Brown and Heather Bacon (The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies)

Katrina Martindale and Karen Goodall (School of Health in Social Sciences)




This award recognises a student who has been exceptional in their role as a Class Rep. The best Class Reps are those who collect feedback from as many students as possible, who effectively liaise with both staff and students, and who commit to improving the experience of the students they represent. 


~ Shortlist ~


Katharine Brown and Daniella Negri Da Oleggio (School of Law)

Silvan Wittwer (School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences)



This award recognises a student who has been exceptional in their role as an Elected Rep. The recipient of this award may have affected genuine change for the students they represent, started a new campaign or project, or gone above and beyond in their role. 



~ Shortlist ~


Stephen Dolan, Divinity Undergraduate School Representative

Kristi Knudson, Geosciences Postgraduate School Representative



This award recognises a student representative who has achieved positive change for students at the University of Edinburgh. This could be through a short- or long-term project; through a one-off event or series of events; or through a campaign. 



~ Shortlist ~

Do Edinburgh Campaign, Lizzie Rhoades (Activities Rep, Volunteering)

Tom Wrench, (HCA Undergraduate School Representative)




This award recognises a student who has been exceptional in their role as a volunteer or committee member for Tandem or Global Buddies.



~ Shortlist ~


Thomas Billam

Anya Jarmson




This award recognises a student who has made a significant contribution to developing the global community at the University of Edinburgh. This could be either on campus, in halls or connecting the university with the surrounding community. 



~ Shortlist ~


Emma Doyle 

RAs and Residents at Riego Street (Julia Bandel, Valentin Callet, Juliette Francisco, Catherine McCabe, Jakob-Julius Storgaard, Nya Vilhelmsen)



This award recognises a student who is engaged with the wider world and has a sense of their own role as a global citizen. They might have connected people from other cultures, contributed to their host culture during time overseas or made a positive impact on the global community in another way.



~ Shortlist ~


Isobel Bishop, Phillipa Carson, Emily Lewis, Cameron McAlister, Mhairi Newlands, Felicity Roach, Archie Vickers & Gemma Welsh

Dhruti Chakravarthi




This award recognises a Peer Assisted Learning Scheme that has delivered outstanding academic support this year. 


~ Shortlist ~






This award recognises a Peer Support Group that has delivered an exemplary social, pastoral or learning support this year. 



~ Shortlist ~


Holyrood Peer Proofreading

Japanese Studies Peer Support



This award recognises an individual who has made an outstanding  contribution to the student community through their activities as a Peer Leader or Peer Mentor. This may be through involvement with academic peer learning schemes or by supporting students’ wellbeing.



~ Shortlist ~


Amber Isaacs (LitPALS)

Priyasha Madhavan (Sustainable Development PALS)