Election FAQs


We try to keep the Student Elections as simple and easy to understand as possible, however we do know it's a lot of information to take it and it can be a bit confusing if you've not been involved in one before. Below you'll find answers to some of our most frequenty asked questions, but if you can't find the information you are looking for here or elsewhere on the elections section of the website please do get in touch at elections@eusa.ed.ac.uk or pop in to see us in Potterrow! 


Every year five students are elected by students at Edinburgh University and are paid £22,000 to work full-time to lead Edinburgh University Students’ Association and represent you. You can meet the current Sabbatical Officers here.


The roles are a brilliant opportunity for those passionate about Edinburgh, the students and the Association.


Sabbatical Officers become directors of an organisation with a £12 million turnover, trustees of our charity and representatives of over 40,000 students!

Campaigning starts: 12pm, 28 Feb
Voting opens: 4 Mar
Voting closes: 5pm, 7 Mar
Results party: 8 Mar! 

A manifesto tells you why the candidate thinks they are the best person for the job, setting out WHY they think they'd be a good elected representative, and WHAT They would do if they were elected.

For all elected representative elections we use the Alternative Transferable Vote (ATV) system. This means voters can rank candidates in order of preference, so their favourite candidate would be ranked number 1, second favourite would be number 2 and so on. Voters can put numbers next to as many or as few candidates as they like!

When the votes are counted, a formula is used to determine the winning quota required to be elected, this is normally 50% of the total vote plus one. If no candidate has reached quota, the candidate with the least votes is eliminated and their further preferences are redistributed to remaining candidates. This is repeated until a candidate reaches quota.

So even if a student knows who they’re giving their first vote to, you should try and convince them to make you their second choice!

You can find the rules here

Societies can endorse candidates - if you can convince the committee you’re the best person for the job! Importantly, they cannot use any resources to support you and your campaign. Don’t forget, even if a society isn’t endorsing you, they may let you attend meetings or events so you can talk to their members.

In general, the same applies for any sports clubs hosted by the Edinburgh University Sports Union.

RON stands for Re-Open Nominations. At the Students’ Association we believe that you, the voter, should always have the choice to make a positive vote, even if you don’t agree with the policies of any of the candidates standing. This means even those candidates who appear to be standing alone for a post still need to convince you they’re the best person for the job! 

If RON won an election the role would be reopened and another election would be held at a time deemed suitable.

At Edinburgh University Students’ Association, we are committed to ensuring that our elections processes are fully accessible to all of our members. If you feel you will require extra support in order to take part in these elections, please contact the Elections Team at elections@eusa.ed.ac.uk.

You don’t need to have been involved with the Students’ Association, NUS or student politics to take part or vote in any of our elections!

If you have any questions you can pop into the Student Representation and Leadership Hub in Potterrow or email elections@eusa.ed.ac.uk