How to Run a Winning Campaign: Campaign Planning


    Wed 6 Feb, King's Buildings Campus

    Session 1 12.30-1.10pm, Meeting Room, King's Building House
    Session Repeated 1.20-2pm, Meeting Room, King's Building House


    Wed 6 Feb, George Square Campus 

    Session 1 5-5.40pm, Balcony Room, Teviot Row House
    Sesion Repeated 5.50-6.30pm, Balcony Room, Teviot Row House 


    This session will give all candidates the knowledge of what makes a great election campaign in a Students’ Association and give you useful tips to run a successful campaign.


    We’ll cover a range of topics and answer the following questions:


    •    What’s the difference between School, Sections, Activities, Liberation and Sabbatical campaigns?
    •    How do I get a team without campaigning?
    •    How do I speak to potential voters?
    •    Do I need a video to win?
    •    Where and when should I target votes?


    This session is open to all candidates, and students still considering standing in the elections. No need to sign up, just come along at a time that suits you! 


    If you have any questions, please email



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