The votes are in and have been counted and verified! We are pleased to announce the following as the official results in this year's Student Elections. Thanks to all those students who have taken part either by standing, being part of a campaign team or voting! Click here to read the full voting breakdown. 












    • Mel Bridgwood
    • Esther Dominy - ELECTED
    • Cara Johnson
    • Aishwarya Khanna
    • Lois King
    • Serafima Mehhovits
    • Ritzy Rajaswi
    • Josh Simpson



    Women's Officer



    Disabled Students' Officer



    LGBT+ Officer



    Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer




    International Students' Representative



    Student Parents' Representative



    Student Carers' Representative



    Mature Students' Representative



    Part-time Students' Representative



    Biomedical Sciences

    • Lauren Strickland - ELECTED


    Biological Sciences

    • Nicole Serzhantova - ELECTED


    Business School








    Edinburgh College of Art

    • Frederick Hervey-Bathurst
    • Richard Nicolas Christian Schindler
    • Michelle Newhall Wolodarsky - ELECTED






    Health in Social Sciences


    History, Classics & Archaeology






    Literatures, Languages & Cultures




    Medical School


    Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences


    Physics and Astronomy


    Social & Political Science


    Veterinary Studies


    Activities Representatives (Academic)



    Activities Representatives (Advice & Community)

    • Rosie Hawtin - ELECTED


    Activities Representatives (Campaigning & Awareness)


    Activities Representatives (Employment, Transferable Skills & Finance)


    Activities Representatives (Faith, Belief & Spiritual Development)

    • John Nisbet - ELECTED


    Activities Representatives (Gaming & Roleplaying)


    Activities Representatives (International & Multicultural)

    • Yaxin Guo - ELECTED


    Activities Representatives (Media & Broadcasting)


    Activities Representatives (Political)


    Activities Representatives (Volunteering)