If you have any questions about the Student Elections, big or small, please do get in touch. You’ll find useful contact details below, or for more generic queries please e-mail elections@eusa.ed.ac.uk

    Alternatively, drop in and see us! You’ll find staff who can help in the Rep and Dem Hub in Potterrow, beside the Dome Café. 


    Please note, we will only correspond with you via your official University sms email account, so please use this account when getting in touch with us. 


    Sabbatical Officer Candidates

    If you are considering running for a Sabbatical Officer position and want more information on the roles, what they entail or would just like more information on the Students’ Association, you can get in touch with any of the current Sabbatical Officers (contacts below) or Sarah Purves, Director of Membership Support and Development, on sarah.purves@eusa.ed.ac.uk


    Eleri Connick, Students’ Association President
    E: President@eusa.ed.ac.uk


    Shenan Davis-Williams, Vice President Activities and Services
    E: VPactivities@eusa.ed.ac.uk


    Georgie Harris, Vice President Community
    E: VPcommunity@eusa.ed.ac.uk


    Diva Mukherji, Vice President Education
    E: Vpeducation@eusa.ed.ac.uk


    Kai O’Doherty, Vice President Welfare
    E: VPwelfare@eusa.ed.ac.uk

    Useful Contacts

    Liberation & Welfare
    T: 0131 651 4572
    E: Sarah.Moffat@eusa.ed.ac.uk


    Education & Schools
    T: 0131 650 9389
    E: Megan.Brown@eusa.ed.ac.uk


    Campaigns & Policy
    T: 0131 650 2635
    E: Genna.Clarke@eusa.ed.ac.uk


    T: 0131 650 9195
    E: Dan.Doyle@eusa.ed.ac.uk


    Returning Officer/Assistant Returning Officer & General Election Enquiries
    T: 0131 650 2656
    E: Elections@eusa.ed.ac.uk


    University Printing Services (13 Infirmary Street)
    T: 0131 650 8006
    E: Printing@ed.ac.uk

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