Positions Available




    Sabbatical Officers are students elected by the student body to serve full-time for one year, either taking a "sabbatical" break from their studies, or after their final year. Sabbatical Officers have the chance to make positive changes that impact almost 40,000 students by campaigning on issues that matter to them, and representing their interests to the University and beyond. On top of that, working at the top level of a large organisation is an incredibly valuable experience for students pursuing any career. All five Officers receive a full salary of c.22k during their term of office.


    There are five positions available, each with it's own remit. You can find out more about each position by reading the role descriptions in the links below. 



    We welcome and encourage international students to consider standing for any of our positions. If you are concerned about how holding a full time position might impact your visa status, click here for information from Edinburgh Global. 



    There are four Liberation Officer positions, representing four communities of students who have traditionally been underrepresented in Higher Education and who continue to face oppression in wider society. Liberation Officers are full time students, and receive a reward payment of £1,200. 


    >>The positions are listed below, click here to read the Liberation Officers role description.<<  


    • Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer
    • Disabled Students' Officer
    • LGBT+ Officer
    • Women’s Officer


    There are five Section Representatives positions, representing sections of the student body who are traditionally underrepresented in Higher Education.


    >>The positions are listed below, click here to read the Section Representative role description<<  


    • International Students’ Representative
    • Student Parents’ Representative
    • Student Carers’ Representative
    • Mature Students’ Representative
    • Part-time Students’ Representative



    For each School within the University, we elect an Undergraduate and Postgratuate School Representative (PG positions are elected in October).


    >>The positions are listed below, click here to read the School Representative role description<<


    The list of Schools we elect to is provided below:


    • Biological Sciences Undergraduate School Representative 
    • (Deanery of) Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate School Representative
    • Business School Undergraduate School Representative
    • Chemistry Undergraduate School Representative
    • Divinity Undergraduate School Representative
    • Economics Undergraduate School Representative
    • Edinburgh College of Art Undergraduate School Representative
    • Education Undergraduate School Representative
    • Engineering Undergraduate School Representative
    • GeoSciences Undergraduate School Representative
    • Health in Social Science Undergraduate School Representative
    • History, Classics, and Archaeology Undergraduate School Representative
    • Informatics Undergraduate School Representative
    • Law Undergraduate School Representative
    • Literatures, Languages, and Cultures Undergraduate School Representative
    • Mathematics Undergraduate School Representative
    • Medical School (includes the MBChB programme, Clinical Sciences, Molecular, Genetic, and Population Health Sciences) Undergraduate School Representative
    • Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences Undergraduate School Representative
    • Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate School Representative
    • Social and Political Science Undergraduate School Representative
    • Veterinary Studies Undergraduate School Representative

    Activities REpresentatives


    There are 14 Activities Representative positions, representing 14 categories of student societies. To be eligible to stand, students must be a registered member of a society in their chosen category by the 1st of February 2017. If you are unsure which category your society or volunteering group falls under click here.


    >>The positions are listed below, click here to read the Activities Representative role description<<


    • Activities Representative (Academic)                                                                      
    • Activities Representative (Advice & Community)                                                         
    • Activities Representative (Appreciation)                                                                     
    • Activities Representative (Artistic and Creative)                                                         
    • Activities Representative (Campaigning & Awareness)                                           
    • Activities Representative (Dance, Music and Theatre)                                            
    • Activities Representative (Employment, Transferable Skills & Finance)              
    • Activities Representative (Faith, Belief & Spiritual Development)                         
    • Activities Representative (Gaming & Roleplaying)                                                    
    • Activities Representative (International & Multicultural)                                      
    • Activities Representative (Media and Broadcasting)                                                  
    • Activities Representative (Physical and Outdoors)                                                   
    • Activities Representative (Political)                                                                              
    • Activities Representative (Volunteering)