Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer

Disabled Students' Officer

LGBT+ Officer

Women’s Officer


International Students’ Representative

Student Parents’ Representative

  • Vacant 

Student Carers’ Representative

Mature Students’ Representative

Part-time Students’ Representative

  • Vacant


Biological Sciences Undergraduate School Representative 

  • Julia Auer

(Deanery of) Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate School Representative

Business School Undergraduate School Representative

Chemistry Undergraduate School Representative

Divinity Undergraduate School Representative

Economics Undergraduate School Representative

Edinburgh College of Art Undergraduate School Representative

Education Undergraduate School Representative

Engineering Undergraduate School Representative

GeoSciences Undergraduate School Representative

Health in Social Science Undergraduate School Representative

History, Classics, and Archaeology Undergraduate School Representative

Informatics Undergraduate School Representative

Law Undergraduate School Representative

Literatures, Languages, and Cultures Undergraduate School Representative

Mathematics Undergraduate School Representative

Medical School Undergraduate School Representative

Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences Undergraduate School Representative

Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate School Representative

Social and Political Science Undergraduate School Representative

Veterinary Studies Undergraduate School Representative

Activities REpresentatives


Activities Representative (Academic)       

  • Emily Payne
  • Sina Kavuncu


Activities Representative (Advice & Community)     


Activities Representative (Appreciation)            

  • Vacant


Activities Representative (Artistic and Creative)        

  • Vacant


Activities Representative (Campaigning & Awareness)    

  • Tatsu Kato


Activities Representative (Dance, Music and Theatre)    

  • Vacant


Activities Representative (Employment, Transferable Skills & Finance)      

  • Vacant


Activities Representative (Faith, Belief & Spiritual Development)  


Activities Representative (Gaming & Roleplaying)          

  • Vacant


Activities Representative (International & Multicultural)            

Activities Representative (Media and Broadcasting)      

  • Vacant


Activities Representative (Physical and Outdoors)            

  • Vacant


Activities Representative (Political)                              

  • Vacant


Activities Representative (Volunteering)

  •  Vacant