Welfare Campaigns

In the past, Edinburgh University Students' Association has campaigned on a wide range of welfare issues, from mental health to sexual harassment, and from housing to student representation. Below are some of our ongoing campaigns, as well as some past campaign successes.


If you would like more information on any of the campaigns in this section please contact Edinburgh University Students' Association's Vice President Welfare at VPwelfare@eusa.ed.ac.uk.


Ongoing Projects


Mental Health and Wellbeing - Support for students experiencing mental illness and information on mental wellbeing have been a priority for many sabbatical oifficers in the past, and as a result we have a variety of ongoing mental health projects. Click here for more information.


In 2018, Edinburgh University Students' Association's VP Welfare, in partnership with the University and Sports Union, organised Mental Health and Wellbeing Week, from 12-16 November 2018, bringing a variety of events and activities on campus, and equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to take care of themselves and others.



Sexual Harassment - Following a detailed survey into students' experiences of sexual harassment in 2013, combatting harassment became a priotity for Edinburgh University Students' Association. Since then, we have launched a number of projects and campaigns including "No One Asks For It", with the latest campaign, #NoExcuse, launched in September 2018. For more information on the campaign, as well as available support and resouces, click here.




Past Projects



All In - In 2015, Edinburgh University Students' Association's VPSA Eve Livingston launched 'All In', a week aimed at ensuring that all our activities, from societies to sports teams, volunteering groups to Student Council, are inclusive of our diverse student body. We ran a series of events, half exploring the barriers to participation that some student might face, and half equipping students with leadership skills - particularly important in the run up to society committee elections.



Parents and Carers - Approximately 10% of students in HE are either parents or carers (meaning they do unpaid care work for a friend, family member or neighbour) and often these students face additional barriers in accessing and staying in education (more information can be found in the NUS report 'Meet the Parents'. In 2014, the University closed its Central Campus nursery, and opened a new facility at King's Buildings. This presented issues for some students, and Edinburgh University Students' Association's VPSA Eve Livingston campaigned to ensure that affordable and accessible childcare was available to all students who need it. This issue also highlighted the lack of representation for parents and carers in Edinburgh University Students' Association's representative structure, so we established a new Parents and Carers Section Group and a new Convener for the Group elected in the October by-election.