Teaching Awards 2020



The Students' Association's Teaching Awards recognises the teachers, personal tutors, students who tutor, research supervisors, and support staff who make positive impact on students' learning experiences at the University of Edinburgh.


A big thank you to all those who took the time to submit nominations and congratulations to everyone who was nominated!
We will be announcing the winners on our Facebook channel throughout the day on Monday 20 April!





- Winner - 


Viccy Coltman, Edinburgh College of Art


"Her honesty, diligence, and humour have seen me through times that have been both difficult and rewarding. Throughout, her commitment to making me the best researcher, writer, teacher, and speaker has never diminished. She is a constant source of support, and perhaps most importantly a role model for myself both inside and outside of the classroom."


- Runner Up - 


Pavlos Andreadis, School of Informatics


"Dr Pavlos Andreadis was a fantastic MSc Supervisor, providing unparalleled enthusiasm, knowledge, and support... Due to my fantastic MSc experience, particularly researching my self-proposed dissertation, I am now actively pursuing a PhD. This would almost certainly not be the case had I not had such positive experiences researching my MSc dissertation, largely due to Pavlos."





- Winner - 


Gudrun Schoeffmann, The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies


"At the end of rotations, she gives really personal and in depth feedback to each student she has worked with... She is such an inspiring teacher, quick to explain things very clearly and also assess how well you are doing... All in all, she is a very inspiring clinician who clearly wants the best for all of her students to succeed, and the vet school is very lucky to have her!"


- Runner Up -


Mary Ho, Edinburgh Business School


"Mary united our large class to work together collaboratively using teams, this allowed us to communicate with her on questions we had and clear ambiguities... Her formative support benefitted everyone in the class as it gave us a thorough and clear expectation of what we could do to improve..."





- Winner - 


Jessie Paterson, The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies


"Kind, understanding, accommodating, patient and willing to help. Those are only some of the qualities that I have observed in my personal tutor Jessie Paterson."


"While it is one thing to go above and beyond as an individual offering students support, Jessie has been instrumental in starting programs that encourage students to be able to support and teach each other, including Peer-Assisted Learning programs, offering workshops on empathy and compassion, taking her time to carefully pair incoming students with those that could best identify with their situation to ensure that each new vet student has the best mentor to assist them, and running a project to allow vet students to experience failure in a professional setting in a safe manner before getting into clinic, allowing students to reflect on her safe curriculum of failure to work through more serious failings in clinical scenarios once practicing medicine."


- Runner Up - 


Farah Huzair, School of Social and Political Sciences


"She made a sustained effort to support our academic, professional and personal development by sending relevant information to individuals who she thought would be interested and making herself available very promptly in case of an urgent need to get advice on issues like course choices."


"She has always been available to listen to my input and answer my questions with patience and understanding. She has made sure that I get the chance to experience this year to the fullest and take advantage of everything the university has to offer."




- Winner - 


Jean O'Donoghue, School of Chemistry


"Not only she is amazing at making sure everything runs smoothly (courses and projects wise), but she's also a great mentor, offering advice on how to cope and succeed in our scientific research, while maintaining good mental health."


"Jean is a constant source of stability in what can be quite a daunting and difficult time as a PhD student. She is consistently available for support whenever we need it, both personally and professionally - and it's always clear to us that she cares about us as people."


- Runner Up - 


Shian Holt, School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences


"Shian brings a wonderful energy to the workplace. Whenever I bump into her on campus, she is lively and smiley, spreading positive energy to me and her colleagues, helping to motivate and inspire the people she works with. She is an inspiration!"


"I can't think of a single person in the university who I appreciate more than Shian Holt, PPLS Head of Student Support. She's only been in the role for two years, but has made unbelievable changes to how the school builds community and helps students and is incredibly consistent, kind, and dedicated."





- Winner - 


Daniel Day, Edinburgh Medical School


"He is incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and a brilliant teacher. He caters his teaching to the needs of the student and generally creates a very positive working environment for anyone he is teaching."


- Runner Up - 


Liam Ross, Edinburgh College of Art


"What a progressive year for professional and personal development I’ve had under Liam Ross’s tutorship! With clear expertise and control over the topic of fire dynamics, and their consequences to architecture and the urban realm, Liam has made its social lessons highly accessible yet provocative for us."





- Winner - 


Sharon Cowan and Chloe Kennedy, School of Law


"Sharon and Chloe have co-coordinated the Scottish Feminist Judgements Project, which applies feminist and critical theory to past Scottish cases in order to show that the result was not inevitable and indeed, if the judge had been a feminist, may have been different. This casebook has already influenced teaching in Edinburgh and further afield. Their dedication to not only teaching what the law is, but what the law could be, is inspirational. It encourages students to challenge what they learn. The critical skills this imparts makes students better lawyers, scholars and people."


- Runner Up - 


Dave O'Brien, Edinburgh College of Art


"Dave made sure to make everyone aware of all the ways insidious discrimination incites a continued system of exclusion... Every person left that course with an awareness of how institutional class, race, and gender prejudices operate on a governmental level. It was filled with fact and not sensibility, and galvanised his students with a new found cannon of racial understanding that I do not believe they all would have had before... As a BAME student I am so incredibly thankful a course like this is offered at Edinburgh."





- Winner -


Music in the Community, Edinburgh College of Art


"This course provides so many opportunities for growth as a person. Connecting with the local Edinburgh community, I have been able to work with dozens of new people, and make a real, visible difference within a special needs school. The way it is taught is so exciting and informative, often very hands on and interactive..."


"Community Music is a key element to being a well-rounded musician. The skills that Music in the Community have taught me, have aided me in all areas of my musicianship and will greatly benefit me in later in my career."


- Runner Up -


Types and Semantics for Programming Languages, School of Informatics


"Types and Semantics for Programming Languages was the single best course I took throughout my time at the University of Edinburgh. Philip Wadler clearly poured his heart into teaching it, including writing a whole textbook including exercises specifically for the course."


"One of the most inspiring courses. Philip designed a course that is both very theoretical and very practical."





- Winner -


Jane McKie, School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures


"I would like to nominate Jane simply for her unwavering commitment towards her students, her approachability and passion for teaching. Jane is a credit to the LLC, she always makes her own classes as engaging and insightful as possible, but where she particularly stands out - is in her encouraging nature and her ability to instil self confidence in her students’ own abilities."


- Runner Up -


Sean Brocklebank, School of Economics


"I am not exaggerating when I say that Sean is the reason I decided to stay on at the University of Edinburgh... He's super supportive of his students in all areas, helping many to get their dissertations sponsored by companies, and also giving us tips from an economist's perspective for our careers and futures (both in lectures and in tutorials)."





- Winner -


Andreas Sogaard, School of Physics and Astronomy


"I cannot emphasize how wonderful it has been learning from him... His lectures are well organised and very engaging, emphasizing the concept without undermining the complexity... The supportive environment he has cultivated has motivated students to do their best on every assignment... Everyone appreciates that Andreas is willing to go above and beyond for us because he genuinely believes in each and every one of his students.


- Runner Up -


Iain Murray, School of Informatics


"Dr Murray’s lectures were enjoyable, stimulating and fun. During them he didn’t merely teach us machine learning, but also how to approach problems, and ways of thinking that he employs. These insights were invaluable and really bought home how lucky we are to interact with cutting edge researchers... It is no exaggeration to say that Dr Murray has profoundly influenced my future, not just in terms of my career but also in my sense of self belief and my way of thinking."





- Winner -


Bronwyn Koterwas, The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies


"Bronwyn is one of those professors whose enthusiasm for helping students to learn and grow extends from within her classroom to beyond it. Her lectures are organized, she genuinely cares about whether or not students have understood the concepts, she includes case examples of concepts to help make lectures applicable, and she's more than happy to explain things one-on-one if need be.


- Runner Up -


Ruth Fowler, The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies


"I can ask her anything and she has been the reason I have started and stuck with this course the University of Edinburgh... Ruth has been kind to me, a complete stranger from the start. The amount of time and effort she has put into helping me get through the course goes along way beyond her position in the post grad food safety course."





- Winner -


Dawn Livingstone, Edinburgh Medical School: Biomedical Sciences


"Dawn is the course organiser and lecturer for Pharmacology 3 and Applied Pharmacology 3. These courses have been my favourites since starting at the University thanks to her. She has put in so much effort in organising the course, not only by getting fantastic lecturers (and being a great one herself), but also in terms of support she has shown to us... She is great at creating a friendly and welcoming experience, and her own lectures have a fair bit of humour involved which makes learning easy."


- Runner Up -


Jamie Davies, Edinburgh Medical School: Biomedical Sciences


"Professor Davies has an incredible ability to break down complex information into something that actually makes sense... Rewatching his lectures, I’m so glad I was able to learn with him even if it was only for a week. Professor Davies also maintains an incredibly helpful website with lectures, notes, handouts, a podcast AND practise questions."