Student Judging Panel

Wondering how the winners are chosen?

Each year, the winner and runner-up in each category is chosen by a panel of student judges, based on the strength of the supporting statements made in their nominations. It is therefore essential that you describe in a few sentences why you are submitting your nomination. Remember that if you nominate someone who is shortlisted, you'll be in with the chance of being invited to the ceremony!


The Student Judging Panel consists of a diverse group of approximately ten Student Representatives from different Schools, Colleges, and levels of study. All Student Representatives are invited to volunteer for this role. 


During the longlisting process in 2017-18, the student judges read through all nomination comments and longlisted five individuals or courses per award. During the shortlisting process on a separate day, the student judges read through the nominations for the five longlisted individuals/courses and chose one winner and one runner-up per award category. 


The judging is based on the quality of teaching and/or student support which is evidenced in the nomination comment(s) as per the 2017-18 Judging Guidance (PDF). The judging is not based on the number of nominations received so as to not become a popularity contest with large numbers of what could be superficial comments, and to not give an advantage to individuals who work with large cohorts of students (such as those lecturing to first year courses).