The Students' Association Teaching Awards Ceremony recognises the teachers, personal tutors, students who tutor, research supervisors, and support staff who made an enormous positive impact on students' learning experiences at Edinburgh University.


 Nominations for the Teaching Awards have now closed - thank you to all those who nominated deserving lectures and support staff and congratulations to everybody who was nominated!


See the shortlisted staff below. The winners will be announced at our ceremony on 26 April



~~ Shortlist ~~


Sakie Chiba-Mooney

"Not only did Chiba take our feedback into consideration but she completely reconstructed our class and handouts within the week so that the very next lesson after discussing the feedback we would be able to have a lesson more tailored to our needs.  From that point we have been able to understand our class better and feel better about what it is we need to do to achieve our goals."


Philip Clark

"Philip made changes to notes and made the language less obtuse. He used fewer problems on derivations and more on practical applications of the equations, making it easier to understand where they come from and how they are used. Many of us learn nothing from formal derivations and are often unable to follow the massive leaps in algebra."



~~ Shortlist ~~

Linda Van Bergen

"Framing the feedback in such a considered manner made it easier to understand and has also helped me to better appreciate how the lessons learned from this specific assignment can and will be useful elsewhere in my degree."



Eleoma Bodammer

"Normally, I find essay feedback an incredibly mixed bag, but Eleoma’s feedback on essays is direct and to the point, but is never overly critical to the point where you feel beaten down by what you’re reading. What’s more, she manages to do the three important things (in my opinion) when you get something wrong. She explains: 1. Why it’s wrong 2. How you can make it right 3. How you can avoid this mistake in the future."



~~ Shortlist ~~


Dr Linden Bicket

"The course contained several elements that stretched our imaginations and engendered creativity and new ways of thinking. Feedback given for written work was consistently detailed and incredibly helpful. It is evident that Dr. Bicket puts a great deal of thought, care, and energy into this aspect of her role, as well as every other aspect too. The course skilfully traversed hundreds of years of Scottish literature, which was enlightening and enriching but also challenging. Over the course of the semester we were empowered to question and transform our assumptions about both the material and our own abilities."



Dr Zubin Mistry

"His enthusiasm for the topic and his passion for allowing us this opportunity to examine evidence in new lights from such relevant positions is extremely stimulating and challenging. He creates a community within his class that leaves us comfortable to discuss and debate issues that before we would have felt unqualified to talk about. His course is well structured and amazingly thought out, where there have been little issues to be ironed out he really took our feedback on board and made a concerted effort to adjust the course on our suggestions."



Ricky Carvel

"Ricky developed the basic of fire science and then helped us to analyze the critical situations. He created a great interest in the subject. And even he forced us to think as much and got us out of our knowledge barrier and pushed us to think further. I am fortunate to do his class. His course evaluation is perfect and the way he designed the course is perfect for someone to know almost every aspects of the course."


~~ Shortlist ~~

Simon Riley

"He makes everything seem manageable, which I think while being at university is a really important quality. The lectures he give challenge us to think about how we could find these things out for ourselves, to question all the information out there and to think for ourselves. What our opinions and thoughts are on what we are learning is equally important to the content we are taught. He is also always reachable and keen to help out whenever required."


Kim Picozzi

"Kim is a very approachable, enthusiastic and inspiring teacher. She is fantastic at organising intellectually stimulating courses and her lecture style is fun and engaging. Her lectures are by far the best I have received at the university and I always actively looked forward to her lectures as a highlight of my working week."

~~ Shortlist ~~


Thalia Blacking

"Thalia’s lectures are really well done. Her slides and lecture notes are concise and clear, with titles that summarises what she is explaining in each slide. She uses a lot of analogies and diagrams to explain difficult concept. She is also always available for questions."


Alessandro Seguino

I am nominating Alex as I have never been taught by a lecturer that so obviously has their students' learning as their upmost priority, and this shines through with his fantastic teaching style, resulting in extremely effective, high quality and enjoyable teaching.



~~ Shortlist ~~


Richard Gratwick

"If someone would have told me in week 1 that I would give a five minute presentation in week 10 to a group of other students and two tutors I would not have believed them. But I did and the confidence to get up and do that was mainly down to Richard and the way he organised his skills section of the course."

Dan Swanton

"Dan is incredibly stimulating and engaging. Not one person in the course didn't love his teaching style. Dan also goes above and beyond to help students, also echoed by his own tutees. His dedication to the students is highly visible, which makes him stand out as a lecturer and mentor in Geography. The course he taught was my favourite at university."




~~ Shortlist ~~


Teresa Poeta

"Teresa Poeta is an incredibly committed and enthusiastic Swahili teacher. She goes above and beyond the requirements of teaching in her dedication to make sure that not only do we learn the language correctly, but that we are exposed to Swahili culture, history, public figures an important debates from within and around East Africa and other Swahili speaking communities."


Sean Brocklebank

"The best lecturer I’ve had. He engages everyone in the room by breaking down complex theories and ideas. He makes the lecture slides entertaining and funny."



~~ Shortlist ~~


Jamie Cole

"Throughout my university work, Jamie has consistently had belief in my abilities, even when I have doubted them myself. At times when I have failed exams and felt stupid, he has always focused on the strengths that I have demonstrated and I have left feeling far more positive than when I arrived."


Bryan Pickel

"Bryan's always available and willing to help. Despite having so many disparate responsibilities, he always seems to have time for you. I have had this corroborated by friends who also have him as their personal tutor."



~~ Shortlist ~~


Colin Brough

"Colin's efforts in providing support and professional development or unparalleled. His sincerity and commitment to my learning is not only fully appreciated but also heart-warming. His effort to ensure development and social interaction between the year groups on my course is fantastic to see."


Katherine Inglis

"Katherine represents what is truly wonderful about learning: being taught by someone who is truly energised by the materials, compassionate, and perhaps most importantly of all, imparts information not for the sake of later exam regurgitation but to engage her students in a meaningful dialogue with the text, with each other, and with ourselves."



~~ Shortlist ~~


Gergana Daskalova

"Gergana has quickly become one of my favourite postgrads to work with because of her depth of understanding and approachability as a tutor and student. She is a joy to be taught by and to work with and a credit to the School of Geosciences."


Alex Gapud

"The most passionate, supportive and thorough tutor I have ever had. He ensures every student is aiming for their best, and inspires through being an exceptional role model."



~~ Shortlist ~~


Robert Mason

"Robert is a perfectionist, and he invests himself in my work -- offering feedback to make sure my argument's as sharp as it could be. However, when the work's good, he also recognises that. He's not of the kind that offers feedback for the sake of it, or feels the need to "justify" his position by consistently offering criticism. He's fair and enthusiastic."


Rowan Mackay

Having studied in three different universities so far all around Europe, I had the chance to cooperate with many researchers and lecturers that supervised my work. Certainly, Rowan was the best supervisor I could have asked for my master's thesis. She is not only kind and approachable, but she also has this unique way to inspire her students and make them give their best



~~ Shortlist ~~


Natalie Stroud

"From my own and my peers' experiences, I know the advice and support of SSOs like Natalie can be the difference between remaining at University and not. Natalie's clear, calm advice has helped me overcome really difficult situations more than once, and I'm incredibly grateful for all her hard work supporting students, as difficult and stressful as it may be."


Sue Renton

"As a student who has struggled a bit at University, Sue has always been there to support me. She always asks how I am doing, if I am having a good day or if there is anything she needs to do for me. This person is absolutely one of a kind and she really deserves an award."