Teaching Awards Research

View the full reTeaching Awards Reportport titled 'What does Good Teaching Look Like to Students? An analysis of Teaching Awards nomination data'!


Edinburgh University Students’ Association has undertaken extensive research analysing nearly 3,000 Teaching Awards nomination comments from students. This research analysed the qualitative data from the 2014-15 Teaching Awards which provided the Students’ Association with a wealth of information about student perceptions of teaching excellence throughout their educational experience.


The research was conducted during 2016 and the report was launched on 1 Dec 2016 to staff and students; it is available via Issue and the slides from the presentation are available via PDF. They discuss four key themes of student perceptions of teaching excellence: 1) concerted, visible effort; 2) charisma, personality and engaging teaching; 3) breaking down student-teacher barriers and fostering student engagement; 4) consistency, predictability and stability of support. They also provide practical examples of best practices in teaching and offers recommendations to improve teaching quality. The University of Edinburgh’s Principal’s Teaching Award Scheme (PTAS) has generously funded this research with a small grant.


During the 2016-17 academic year, the Students' Association gathered further quantitative data about the key reasons why students were recognising excellent teachers, based on the trends which previously emerged.


Teaching Awards 2016-17 Nomination Trends