Teaching Award Nominees & Winners

Congratulations to all teachers, students who tutor, personal tutors, research supervisors, and support staff who have been nominated for an Edinburgh University Students' Association Teaching Award!


All Nominees: 

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2016-17 Shortlisted Nominees:

In particular, congratulations to the shortlisted nominees who are listed below along with excerpts of student nomination comments for them! It was a difficult decision for the student judging panel (who judge based on the quality of teaching and student support as evidenced by the free-text nomination comments). The winners were announced at the Teaching Awards Ceremony on 27 April, 2017.

Best Feedback Award Shortlisted Nominees
Winner: Carlos Soler Montes
“The feedback Carlos provides is beyond compare… He explains concepts thoroughly, diagnosing the individual strengths and weaknesses of each student while also seeking out ‘teachable moments’ that are useful for the entire class.”


Runner-Up: David Levy 
“All of his classes are extremely clear and insightful, always promoting critical thinking. On top of that, David has a particular character trait that not every professor at Uni has: he cares about his students.”

Best Personal Tutor Award Shortlisted Nominees
Winner: Rachel Howell
“She really cares about every student who passes through her doors. I've gone to her many times to talk through academic and personal issues, and she understands that the two have to have a balance. She uses her own experiences to connect to us and suggest the best ways forward from both a bad day or a great day.”


Runner-Up: Darren Shaw
“If I am struggling with anything, Darren will always make the time to see me and help where he can … When exams results are released Darren will always take the time to individually email all his tutees congratulating or offering support to those who need it.”


Best Student Who Tutors Award Shortlisted Nominees
Winner: Tim Squirrell
“When you go to his tutorials (which no one tries to miss), you know you will have in front of you someone who cares about your academic development and achievements, who is there to listen to your complaints, and who is there to prepare you for the trauma of your very first university essays.”


Runner-Up: Lisa Schweiger
“Lisa encourages her students to explore political science and international relations independently, enthusiastically and with critical rigour. She supports her students not only when they struggle, but also if they desire to push themselves. Lisa is a breath of fresh air and an excellent tutor.”


Best Research or Dissertation Supervisor Award Shortlisted Nominees
Winner: Sarah Dunnigan
“Sarah’s contribution to academic life has been her unwavering compassion and kindness as a supervisor. She is an inspirational educator who has supported countless students through their postgraduate studies and encouraged self-belief and self-worth in multiple generations of young scholars.”


Runner-Up: Derek Jones
“He pushed me to really go beyond what I thought I could. Every time I fell behind, I would feel really discouraged and beat myself up about it ... Derek has a unique ability to help re-frame what's going on and help put the project and dissertation into perspective, which helped me to get back on track”



Best Support Staff Award Shortlisted Nominees
Winner: Karen Howie
“Karen is the lynch pin of the School, without her and her IT team, I am convinced the School would fall apart… Karen has overcome many challenges, whilst also managing to be extremely helpful in the day-to-day running of IT within the School. She is a gold standard employee and the University must never let her go!”


Runner-Up: Heather Barker
“She is kind, approachable and her door is always open for everyone. Her approachability and open-mindedness has improved our overall learning experience, as she is always happy to discuss concepts with us. Whenever this happens to be the case, she always treats students with respect and as equals.”

Best Overall Teacher Award - The Kendell Award for Teaching in Medicine Shortlisted Nominees
Winner: Kate Byrne
“I will miss having Kate as a facilitator in problem based learning… she is fully supportive of all her pupils, taking time to get to know each and every one of us. She strikes the perfect balance between offering knowledge and help and encouraging us to puzzle things out for ourselves.”


Runner-Up: David Kluth
“Dr Kluth has provided amazing guidance throughout the year and even more so in the run up to finals. He provided reassurance and answered all the questions we threw at him with patience and clarity. He dedicated himself to his students not only this year, but in all the previous years also, and his efforts, kindness, and perseverance deserve to be recognised.”



Best Overall Teacher Award - The Award for Teaching in Veterinary Sciences Shortlisted Nominees
Winner: Jenna Richardson
“Jenna effortlessly grasps everyone's attention whilst teaching… she is a charismatic lecturer who can get even the least interested person engaged. It is a challenging thing to make a 150+ seated lecture theatre of mixed age, tired, unenthusiastic students feel re-enthused immediately after Christmas, but Jenna has done it from day one of our return to teaching.”


Runner-Up: Yolanda Martinez-Pereira
“She has made the most complex areas of cardiology very clear and I know that I will be a better vet because of her. She is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. She never talks down to us or makes us feel inept. On top of this, she always has a huge smile on her face, learns everybody's names, and fosters a positive environment to be around her.”


Best Overall Teacher Award - The Van Heyningen Award for Teaching in Science and Engineering Shortlisted Nominees
Winner: Corinne Baulcomb
“Corinne has blown me away by not only the sheer extent of expert knowledge that she has been able to convey precisely and clearly but also the enthusiasm and excitement that she also has for the subject. The teaching has been fluid, fresh and challenging.”


Runner-Up: Richard Milne
“Not only was his lecture style unique and helpful, but he has shown kindness and respect to students outside of lectures… It was refreshing to see someone so passionate about their chosen discipline and put in a lot of effort to teach us. It inspired me to work harder and made me want to explore this new subject”

Best Overall Teacher Award - The Ian Campbell Award for Teaching in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Shortlisted Nominees
Winner: Adam Budd
“Adam’s teaching is legendary and his courses are consistently popular, with student satisfaction high. Students experience rich, well thought out teaching; as an active researcher and an expert in his field, Adam's enthusiasm brings his subjects to life. He stands out from the crowd with his pastoral approach to teaching, his enthusiasm and approachable personality.”


Runner-Up: Jonathan Featherstone
“Jonathan has unending passion, dedication, and thoughtfulness for the classes he teaches. I can honestly say that I have never seen so much original work, such as handouts, recorded learning to access from home, varied teaching methods, or diverse assessment methods… I am beyond thankful to have such an outstanding, experienced and qualified teacher.”

Best Course Award Shortlisted Nominees
Winner: Music, Style, Identity and Image in the Modern Age - Chris Breward (Edinburgh College of Art)
“This is the first time we have had the opportunity to do a course that is truly cross-disciplinary. It is the only course I have taken which includes a wide range of students from all over the art school, including visiting students. The discussion in seminars is always lively and there has also been a refreshing amount of content about gender and race relations, something that is often ignored.”


Runner-Up: Children's Fiction - Pete Tarrant (Moray House School of Education)
“I have learned so much about literacy, reading and about how children's books can have so many meanings and can have so many uses in the primary classroom. This course has changed my life in that I began the course hoping to help my practice and have left it being a newly avid reader. This course has opened my eyes to a new passion that I had not been properly introduced to before.”


Runner-Up: Responding to Sustainability Challenges: Critical Debates - Rachel Howell (Social and Political Science)
“Dr. Rachel Howell put so much effort into the course that it was impossible not to enjoy every second of it. Rachel gave students the chance to engage with this course during its planning stages, by arranging a meeting to gather our suggestions. The openness of choosing a challenge and debate that you were most interested in made doing coursework enjoyable”

Best Innovative Assessment Award Shortlisted Nominees
Winner: Applied Psychology for Children and Young People - Fiona Duffy (Health in Social Science)
“We all developed new services, resources and trainings that are likely to be useful applications in the real world. I came out of the assignment with not only a good grade and a strong theoretical understanding of child and adolescent development, but I had a new mental health resource that I could discuss with future employers.”


Runner-Up: Geoscience Outreach and Engagement - Isla Meyer-Smith (Geosciences)
“It is a fantastic and innovative course which aims to get students thinking, outreaching and engaging with a wider non-university audience. This has took some students to teaching geoscience in schools, making garden projects educating adults about the environment, and even creating a new 'weather' badge for the girl guides.”