How can students nominate?


Students can nominate by going to eusa.ed.ac.uk/teachingawards. Once they’ve signed into the website they can nominate in any of the 9 categories.


What are the nomination categories?


  • Best Practice in Inclusive Learning and Teaching
  • Best Implementer of Student Feedback
  • Best Assessment Feedback
  • Best Support Staff
  • Best Personal Tutor
  • Best Student Who Tutors
  • Best Supervisor
  • Best Course
  • Best Overall Teacher


Who can nominate?


All students can nominate. This includes students at all levels of study (undergraduate, PGT and PGR), on campus and online learners, and full-time and part-time students. All learners in the Centre for Open Learning can also nominate – any learner without a matriculation number can use the visitor login option on the Students’ Association website. 


Can students nominate more than once?


Yes! Students can nominate as many times as they would like, in multiple categories or in the same category. Please remind students that we can only judge the nominations based on the content of what they write, so they should be as detailed as possible.


What happens when a staff member is nominated?


Every staff member who is nominated receives a letter with their nomination comments and a Teaching Awards pin badge. The first of these letters for the 2019 Awards will be sent in January. Two nominees will be shortlisted for each award. They are invited to the ceremony on the 25th April. 


When do nominations close?


Nominations close on the 25th March. The shortlist will be released in early April. The ceremony is on 25th April. 


Who judges the Teaching Awards?


The Teaching Awards are entirely student-led, so the judging panel is made up entirely of student volunteers. The panel is selected from existing student representatives at the University. 


What if I have more questions?


Please email Megan.Brown@eusa.ed.ac.uk