Teaching Awards

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The Students' Association's annual Teaching Awards are a fantastic opportunity to thank your terrific teachers and super support staff.


The Teaching Awards are your chance to thank the academic and support staff who’ve had the biggest impact on you. You can nominate courses, teachers, research and dissertation supervisors, students who tutor, personal tutors, and support staff. 


Nominations close on 16 March 2020. You can nominate as many times as you like to recognise those who have made a difference to you in both Semester 1 and 2. 


There are eight different categories to nominate in:

You can nominate by logging into the website via EASE with your student login. You just need to let us know:


WHO you are nominating

WHAT School or area they work in, and

WHY you think they deserve to be recognised for a Teaching Award!


As part of the nomination process, you’ll also be asked to write a comment about why you think they should win - this really helps the Student Judging Panel reach their verdict when deliberating on the eventual award winners. Please provide as much detail as possible!


To learn more, you can check out each of the different award categories on the right of this page.


All nominees will receive a Teaching Awards badge and a congratulatory letter including the anonymised comment you submit. Not only do the nomination comments help them know why they were nominated and what they are doing well but it also helps the Students' Association and the University better understand what you think excellent teaching and student support means.


Your nomination comments will be kept anonymous and will be used for quality enhancement and research purposes.


About the Teaching Awards:

Edinburgh University Students' Association was the first in the UK to offer student-led Teaching Awards. Great teaching is what makes your university experience really take off, and we want your help to celebrate the best of the teaching on offer at the University of Edinburgh.


See the 2019 Teaching Awards Results here!


About the Teaching Awards Research and Sharing Best Practices

Edinburgh University Students' Association analysed all anonymised student nomination comments from a previous academic year to better understand and share best practices in excellent teaching and student support. Learn more about the research in this report 'What does Good Teaching Look Like to Students? An analysis of Teaching Awards nomination data'.