Internal Campaigns

As well as working on campaigns to improve your University experience, we're also always looking to improve our own services. Below are a couple of  past projects that relate to our services. If you would like to know more about any of these projects, please contact your Vice President Activities and Services.


Past Projects

Pleasance Redevelopment - Earlier this year, we finalised our plans for the redevelopment of Pleasance with the University. Although the work will take a significant amount of time, our hope is that Pleasance will soon be able to provide the high-quality society and performance space we so desperately need. For more detailed information, please check here.


Sustainability - Sustainability is a core part of our new strategic plan, and in the past year we have received several awards for our work on sustainability and social responsibility. We are currently working with the University of a variety of projects including our internal Sustainability Awards, communication and marketing around conserving energy, sustainable travel solutions, and social responsibility in procurement. For more information on any of these project or anything relating to sustainability, please contact Davy Gray, EUSA's Sustainability Coordinator.



Vegan Food - We're always looking for ways to expand our selection of affordable food, and we've recently introduced even more vegan options in our bars, cafes and shops as a result of lobbying by students through EUSAY.