Linguistics Society

We are a society for the appreciation, study and conversation of language science. We provide a forum for linguistics that extends beyond the classroom to provide support, friendship, and community.


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Due to the safety measures imposed in the course of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, for the time being, all of our events will be offered virtually. We will try to provide the best possible experience to our members but know that under the current circumstances, this can only be achieved to a certain degree. Until further notice, membership will be free of charge.


Welcome to LingSoc: The Edinburgh University Linguistics Society—a society for the appreciation, study, and conversation of language science. We aim to provide a forum for linguistics that extends beyond the classroom to offer support, friendship, and community.
LingSoc’s event calendar stretches over all eleven weeks of each semester, with loads of amazing events. Our academic talks feature renowned guests from home and abroad, invited to present their most exciting research (and join us in the pub afterwards). Our society socials are a fun and casual opportunity to immerse yourself into one of the most welcoming student communities on campus. Guided paper discussions give you the chance to debate and engage with current research. Our very own peer-support scheme, FamiLing, holds a weekly two-hour session to help first-year students make the most of their studies.
Are you a linguistics student or just a language enthusiast? Just drop by at one of our events, we are always excited to welcome new faces into our community!


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Diversity Officer
Angel Garmpi
FamiLing Coordinator
Cliodhna Hughes
Reka Siro
First Year Rep
Inès Lee
Paper Discussion Organiser
Andrej Gregus
Postgraduate Representatives
Flame Darinov
Cliodhna Hughes
Michael Goessler
Social Secretary
Carl Alexandersson
Alex Popescu
Talk Organiser
Em Charreteur
Angel Garmpi
Reka Siro
Vice President
Aaron Merriel
Web Master
George Sakr