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    10 Jul 2019

    Risk Assessment for Economics for Change for academic year 2019-2020. Will be updated as new events are planned

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Economics for Change is a student-led society based at the University of Edinburgh. We aim to change the way in which students engage with economics, making the discipline simultaneously more relevant and more useful in a rapidly changing world. We provide students with a platform to voice their opinion on how and why economics needs to change, both within the university and in the wider world. We argue that economics should be a subject which equips students with the intellectual tools necessary to help develop solutions to some of society's most pressing problems. The current state of economics education falls severely short of this standard. Join our call to renew and refocus economics education, while working alongside WEAll Youth to build a wellbeing economy in the UK.

Our main focus this semester will be on the Economics of Climate Change and Environment, so keep an eye out for the special events, talks, and discussions we will be hosting. Over the next few months we hope to give you an insight into the economic causes and implications of the climate crisis, as well as some of the solutions being put forward by leaders in the field. This topic is of utmost importance and urgency and we look forward to exploring it with you.


As a society, we aim to play our part in making the field of economics fairer, more diverse, and better suited to addressing the challenges we face. Our activities include:


ENGAGING students in discussion and critical thought regarding the current state of economics education and practice.


BRINGING TOGETHER those interested in the subject, to exchange knowledge and research related to overlooked or undervalued areas of economics, as well as exciting practical initiatives in the field.


CULTIVATING a mindset which uses economic lenses to address society's problems in a critical and academic manner, while valuing pluralism and diversity of thought.


REFORMING the current economics curriculum through campaigning and research. You can read our full report here.


RESHAPE the current economic paradigm into a wellbeing economy which serves humanity and the planet. We recently joined the WeAll Youth network which spans the globe and helps connect groups of young people all working to transform our economies into fairer, more diverse spaces.


Economics for Change has grown out of the Edinburgh Society of Economic Pluralism. We are still very much committed to promoting economic pluralism and diversity of thought, and Economics for Change should be seen as an extension and broadening of our previous activities.

We are a part of the worldwide pluralist movement, officially affiliated with Rethinking Economics, WEAll Youth, and the International Student Initiative for Pluralism in Economics (ISIPE).


Economics is for everyone. Membership is free.


Marina Sanchez Garcia
Lexie Felderman
Eva Kuepper