Neurological Society

EUNS was founded in 2010 and has ever since attracted students with keen interest in neuroscience, neurology and neurosurgery.


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  • Neurological Society Non Student Membership£3.00

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We run a variety of events including neuroscience seminars, neuroanatomy tutorials, neurosurgical skills workshops and public engagement events. We also run an annual international conference focusing on the basic and clinical neurosciences.

Conference Convenor
Prerna Khanna
Marketing Executive
Martin Rosenzweig O'dogherty
Neuroanatomy Lead
Jakov Tiefenbach
Neuroscience Events Coordinator
Sammir Bushara
Ellie Pinkerton
Neurosurgery Coordinator
Amy McLean
Alaina Shariff
Neurotheatre Coordinator
Nandaja Narayanan
Katie Reid
Liam Lee
Julian Ng Kee Kwong
Shujaa Khan
Vice President
Jay Park