Emergency Medicine Society

EUEMS is a student led society dedicated to the art of preventing and handling the unforeseen illness.


  • Emergency Medicine Society Non Student Membership£3.00
  • Emergency Medicine Society Student Membership£3.00

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Welcome to the Edinburgh University Medicine Society! If you're keen on learning and teaching CPR to the masses, earning a First Aid qualification, looking to pursue a career in Emergency Medicine, or just want to know what goes on behind the scenes, EUEMS is the society for you.


What We Do:

  • Teach CPR to the public to help achieve SALFS* goal of teaching 500 000 CPR
  • Organise talks and evening events with a variety of interesting speakers
  • Provide students the oppurtunity to earn first aid qualifications
  • Organise tutorials and educational events for medical and nursing students

*Currently working in partnership with Save a Life for Scotland

Conference Coordinator
Connor Littler
Events Coordinator
Karolina Futera
Alexandra Thompson
Lead Events Coordinator
Hannah Adams
Erin Cooper
Publicity Officer
Robbie McLaren
Isabella Menchetti
Save a Life for Scotland Coordinator
Amy McCallum
Alasdair Smith
Jessica Boyle
Dani Scrimgeour