Capoeira Society

Ignite the playfulness in you and gain a greater awareness of your body! We welcome anybody in a safe and friendly space who has the curiosity to give this culturally rich and unique martial arts a go


  • Capoeira Society Academic Year Membership£5.00
  • Risk Assessment

    11 Sep 2019

    This form includes the assessment of all the possible risks that might happen during events and classes organised by the Capoeira Society, as well as description of the ways in which the members of the committee aim to prevent them.

  • Constitution

    23 Mar 2017

    The constitution for the society. Includes aims, membership details, and voting guidelines.

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Some know Capoeira as a dance, others as a martial arts. Capoeira is both and none. Through a combination of acrobatic movements and kicks alongside music, Capoeira allows for a freedom of expression with your body.
A Brazilian martial art rich in culture and developed by slaves in Brazil, Capoeira is now present on every continent on the globe!
Learning Capoeira will bring you into full contact with an assortment of martial arts techniques, elements of dance, and most importantly music— making Capoeira a truly unique martial art! 
Everything we do you'll find here and Capoeira is for everyone—whether you want to keep fit, improve your flexibility, for self-defence, or simply to enjoy the Brazilian way of life! We also do a lot of joint events with Senzala Scotland (Edinburgh-city Capoeira Club).
Venues of the classes vary weekly, for the full schedule, join our Facebook group
Eliza Giles
Alana Lagido O'neill
Thibaut Desguers