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Edinburgh University Classics Society - home of togas, classical drama and drinking like a god. Open to all with an interest in Ancient History regardless of degree.


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The Classics Society holds a number of varied, weekly socials throughout the year ranging from pub nights, to Christmas meals and symposiums. It also organises many student-staff events, runs domestic and international trips and conducts outreach work. 

Outreach Work Information:

The Classics Society is very excited to announce that it has taken over the Literacy through Latin (LTL) programme, previously run by the Classics Department. The LTL programme works with the Iris Project, a charity that promotes Classics and has successfully established a number of Latin projects in the state sector, as part of its overall aim to incorporate it into the national curriculum. More information about the Iris Project’s work can be found at:

The Classics Society’s LTL connects students with local schools, as students who have studied Latin will be given the chance to teach P6 classes for one hour per week throughout the year. This year we are thrilled to be working with Gylemuir Primary School and Liberton Primary School. The curriculum that we teach, whilst focusing on Latin, is intended to offer an introduction to the culture and history of the Ancient World overall; and so inspire the next generation of Classicists.


The Classics Society is passionate about its outreach work as we believe that Classics should be accessible to all, not just those students in the private school sector. Last year (February 2018), we held our first ever Classics Workshop for two P6 classes at Gylemuir, in which we had sessions on Ancient Greek, Ancient History and Archaeology all with the aim of enabling the pupils to engage with Classics. For more details please see a write up of the event on our “News” section.

We are looking forward to continuing to develop and expand our outreach work and if you would like to participate please contact our Charity and Outreach Officer,  Issy Chasey (






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