CEUOTC delivers military training and leadership development to students by students. Albeit in a section attack or climbing a rock face, you will find your limit and impress yourself by exceeding it.

The City of Edinburgh Universities' Officers' Training Corps provides a unique opportunity for students at the University of Edinburgh. The society focuses on personal development and leadership through a varied, progressive and challenging programme of military and adventurous training, combined with the opportunity to take part in other sporting and intellectual challenges. If you are interested in a career in the British Army, joining the UOTC is the ideal way to get the most accurate idea of what life in the Army would be like, with absolutely no commitment to join the deployable Army.  If a military career is not something you are interested in, then the UOTC provides the opportunity to challenge yourself by allowing you to temporarily live a different lifestyle in between your studies. At our society, you will have frequent chances to meet new people, develop a range of life-long skills and take part in many of the unique adventures that the society offers. Through the UOTC, you will be able to achieve things that you did not think you were capable of, earning both military and civilian qualifications along with deserved confidence in yourself - all whilst being paid.


So why should you join the CEUOTC?


  • Get paid! Us students always need some extra cash so instead of getting a part-time job, get paid while you learn and develop at CEUOTC. 
  • Organise and attend adventure training trips and gain civilian qualifications.  Cycling in Belgium, trekking in Iceland, diving in Cyprus, mountain biking in Austria! What do you want to do? Where do you want to do it? You can make it happen!
  • Make pals! We have our own bar and event venue for endless balls and ceilidhs!
  • Improve your fitness.  We run regular friendly weekly fitness sessions in the Meadows and cover a broad selection of sports with representative opportunities (rugby, football, hockey, netball, cross country and orienteering). On weekly wednesday night training and at fortnightly training weekends, there are exercise sessions for all levels of fitness including team obstacle courses.?
  • Gain an insight into basic military skills, grow your leadership potential by having positions of responsibility and have the support to pursue an army carrer for those who are interested. Joining the army is completely optional.
  • Add it to your CV! Develop yourself through public speaking, debating and giving sets of orders to improve your confidence. Show future employers that you used your time in Edinburgh productively. 




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