Comparative Education and International Development Society

Welcome to the University of Edinburgh Comparative Education and International Development 2020/2021! Join us for our EDTalks and social events.


  • Comparative Education and International Development Society Semester 2 Student Membership£5.00
  • Comparative Education and International Development Society Semester Two Non Student Membership£5.00
  • Risk Assessment Updated Version 19th Feb

    19 Feb 2020

    Latest Version of Risk Assessment as of 19th February

  • Constitution

    28 Jan 2020

    This is the Comparative Education and International Development society's constitution which lays out the purpose of the society, roles and responsibilities of board members and how the society is to be run.

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The CEID society is quite new as it was founded last year, but our first year was successful. We had many different academic and social events and up to 42 members registered from different educational pathways. We all are really excited to move forward with this society, building on our successes from last year and developing the society further.

Our three main goals for the 2020/2021 school year are to EXPAND the network, SUPPORT the members and COOPERATE with different NGOs and societies.

To achieve these goals, we aim to:

• Raise awareness of issues around CEID among the students by promoting EDTalks delivered by professionals in our field. By organising different outdoor and remote social activities create a sense of community among students who are interested in CEID.

• Help members to grow their professional/academic careers by building a greater bridge between masters, PhD students and UoE staff, supporting research projects and sharing career opportunities across the community.

• Set up relationships between NGOs and other societies involved in education and development by organising different opportunities for people to hear about and be involved with their work.

Academic Events Officer
Jing Zhao
Marketing and Creative Design Officer
Linjie Zhang
Lara Pérez Jurado
Publicity Officer
Kathleen Stevens
Anu Haden
Social Events Officer
Sera Naz Unkaya Ertekin
Sarah Austin
Vice President
Brad Crews