This is a Peer Support project open to all students based at the Kings Buildings Campus.


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We are opening the conversation around student experience at King’s, and making support for better wellbeing and mental health more accessible. We are your judgement-free community to share successes, struggles and to seek help in STEM.



We are currently recruiting! WellComm is looking for more volunteers to join our new committee this year in making King's a more welcoming place for its students! We aim to improve the mental wellbeing of students by having more activities and providing a place for students to go if they're having any problems. We're looking for: 


- Marketing/Social Media Coordinator 

- Treasurer 

- Any other volunteers to be Peer Support leaders! 


As part of our team you will take an active role in helping students and engaging with the university to enact change.  


As a Leader for Wellcomm you can expect the following: 

-To be involved in planning spaces for conversations and activities related to supporting any student who is based at the Kings campus. 

-To work with a committee of your fellow volunteers to successfully provide peer support and help students. 

-To take an active role in engaging with the University to enact change.  



You will also receive ongoing support from the Peer Learning and Support team as well as staff at the University. This includes: 

-Comprehensive training at the beginning of your role.

-Access to volunteer benefits at the Students’ Association such as the Edinburgh Award, Hear recognition and our workshop calendar. 

-Opportunity to gain one of the following committee roles: Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer etc


If you are interested, please contact us at wellcommkings@eusa.ed.ac.uk or on Facebook at WellComm King’s to find out more. 


Please note that due to the current safety considerations in relation to Covid-19, all Peer Support will be conducted online until we issue further guidance and guidelines. Training will prepare you to do this and we will communicate and support you to operate under any further changes in the future.



If you are interested in coming along to one of our online sessions please visit our Facebook page or drop us an email on the address linked above. We look forward to hearing from you.