Physics Peer Mentoring

The Physics Peer Mentoring Scheme is a student run peer support and mentoring group based in the School of Physics and Astronomy


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PPMS is designed for pre-honours undergraduates (Year 1 & 2) taking any course from the School of Physics and Astronomy, who are still adjusting to the university life. The aid from our tutors aims to take off some of the academic pressure and develop interest in subjects which mentees wish to explore.


Our committee consists of 5 experienced volunteers, Lawrence Bradley, Ruthu Prem Kumar, Magdalena Otta, Tilen Voncina and Bhavya Sharma who work to organise the Scheme.


Our team of leaders consists of students from Year 2 to 5 who provide revision and drop-in sessions throughout the academic year as well as one-to-one mentoring on one-off or regular basis.


We organise:

  • One to one mentoring for year 1 and direct entry year 2 students
  • Regular drop in sessions for year 2 students
  • Computer modelling, introduction to git and programming drop in sessions
  • Larger exam revision sessions


Students choose how to benefit from PPMS - every session is dictated by their needs. Our role as mentors is to be an extra layer of support at the university. The goal is to facilitate students’ learning process and help them consolidate, reinforce and strengthen their own knowledge to succeed academically. But the utilisation of the scheme can go beyond just passing exams. Exploration of curriculum-based concepts to more depth not only gives a better understanding of the course but also enhances the ability to acquire knowledge as autonomous learners in the future.


The format of the scheme allows our mentees to make non-assessed errors in a safe environment with privacy of practice. With the help from peer tutors, they are able to take a realistic hold of their growth as physicists and get closer to reaching goals they set out to achieve.


Everyone who needs us is welcome to participate!




Given the current epidemiological situation in the world, this semester PPMS will run online via safe communication channels (e.g. MS Teams) to make it available for everyone - no matter where in the world you might be.