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Edinburgh University Oncology Society (EUOS) is a student-run society at the University of Edinburgh exposing interested students to the exciting, dynamic and rapidly growing world of oncology.


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Edinburgh University Oncology Society (EUOS) is a student-run society at the University of Edinburgh. It was founded in 2014 by medical students Nandita Kaza, Kirsty Millar and Abhinav Mathur, and mentor Dr Lesley Dawson, at a student conference. We are a society for anyone with an academic interest in oncology or cancer science, regardless of their course major. 

As limited teaching time is allocated to oncology in a busy undergraduate curriculum, there is minimal exposure to the specialty for the average medical student. Therefore, one of our main aims is to foster a greater interest in oncology through interaction with oncologists, scientists, and social workers via talks, tutorials and research. We have also established a system of peer-teaching for oncology topics within the medical school curriculum, and offer revision materials and resources for students.

Edinburgh is at the heart of some fascinating scientific and clinical cancer research. We aim to provide students with an opportunity to get involved in these research projects and meet researchers. An aim we added and developed this year was to bridge the undergraduate gap between scientists and medics through a breadth of talks. 

In the future, while building on these aims, we also hope to offer a platform allowing students to pursue volunteering and fundraising opportunities with charities.

Membership benefits include free entry to all our fascinating talks (given by a range of professionals on a diversity of topics), tutorials, and other events. 

Conference Convenor
Ryan Devlin
Aleks Poziemska
Magazine Lead
Natalie Tai
Anna Wijngaard
Isabel Mason
Erika Lo
Sponsorship Manager
Mairi Treanor-Taylor
Talks Convenor
Victoria Collins
Georgie Lewis
Tutorials Convenor
Clair-Soo Blackwood
Vice President and Website
Abeera Devasar