"It's just changing room banter."


"She's asking for it."


"He's a good guy who made a mistake."


"That doesn't happen to guys."


"That kind of thing doesn't happen here."



Who's Involved


#NoExcuse is a joint campaign by Edinburgh University Students’ Association, the University of Edinburgh, and Edinburgh University Sports Union.


“The University of Edinburgh must be a community where sexual harassment is not acceptable. Bystander interventions can be an important part of that. Everyone is responsible for defining what is not ok, and for maintaining that standard.”

Professor Peter Mathieson, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, The University of Edinburgh


“Sexual harassment is all too common of an experience by our students, and I’m proud our Students’ Association, University, and Sports Union are taking bold steps to change the culture at the University of Edinburgh. By questioning everyday language which normalises sexual harassment, #NoExcuse should start discussions between students about how to end harassment on campus and beyond. Thanks, as well, to all the students involved in the creation of #NoExcuse – and I’m excited to see more students engage with spreading the campaign!”

Kai O’Doherty, Vice President Welfare, Edinburgh University Students' Association


"Sport should be available to everyone in a safe and welcoming environment. At Edinburgh University Sports Union, we pride ourselves on creating this atmosphere and as such have zero tolerance to any forms of sexual harassment. Therefore, we are proud to support the #NoExcuse campaign."

Paul Duffy, President, Edinburgh University Sports Union


“I’m delighted to see Edinburgh University Students' Association’s #NoExcuse campaign, launched at the start of the new academic year. I hope the campaign will make it clear to everyone that there is no excuse for sexual harassment and encourage bystanders to intervene if it occurs. The University should be a welcoming environment for everyone: this campaign will play an important role in making this happen.”

Jane E Norman, Professor of Maternal and Fetal Health, Director of the Tommy's Centre for Maternal and Fetal Health, Vice Principal, People and Culture, The University of Edinburgh


"I support the #NoExcuse campaign because I believe that womxn students deserve to feel safe on campus and in the city of Edinburgh. As Women's Officer I encourage everyone, both within and beyond the Women's Liberation Group, to get involved with the #NoExcuse Campaign in order to make our community one that serves the very people who are a part of it."

Esme Allman, Women's Officer, Edinburgh University Students' Association


We also have a team of students and staff from across the University who are acting as ambassadors for the campaign in their communities. To find out more click here.


#NoExcuse is also supported by training provided by Nina Burrowes and Graham Goulden.





Edinburgh University Students' Association is a charity (SC015800) and a company limited by guarantee (SC429897) registered in Scotland.

Registered Office: Potterrow, 5/2 Bristo Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9AL