"It's just changing room banter."


"She's asking for it."


"He's a good guy who made a mistake."


"That doesn't happen to guys."


"That kind of thing doesn't happen here."



About #NoExcuse

#NoExcuse aims to encourage us all to take collective responsibility for ending sexual harassment and violence on campus.

Through events, outreach, and resources we also aim to ensure those who have experienced sexual harassment and violence feel supported, and that people who witness harassment taking place feel confident to challenge it.

How to get involved

We know that messages around sexual harassment and violence have the biggest impact when they’re communicated by students and staff like you. That’s why we’re looking for campaign ambassadors from across the University to take small steps which show their support.

To get involved, complete this short form or take a look at the links below for more information and if you want to know more please contact the Students’ Association’s Vice President Welfare, Niamh McCrossan.

Have you got an idea for a project? We are offering small project funding of up to £500 for student-led projects which support the aims of the campaign: challenging sexual harassment and violence, and supporting survivors. If you have a project in mind then please complete this form and we'll be in touch to discuss your application further.


Reporting, support and resources

Sexual harassment and violence can be defined as any act of a sexual nature which occurs without someone’s freely given consent. This includes unwanted sexual comments – in person and online, groping, stalking, sexual assault and rape.

Sexual harassment and violence can happen to anyone; it is never the fault of the person experiencing it.

If you have experienced sexual harassment or violence you have the right to report it and access support.

The links below provide information on reporting and support services, but if you are unsure what next steps to take, please contact the Advice Place.

Edinburgh University Students' Association is a charity (SC015800) and a company limited by guarantee (SC429897) registered in Scotland.

Registered Office: Potterrow, 5/2 Bristo Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9AL