Summer Storage Tips

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Man and woman sitting on the floor with brown moving boxes over their head

If you don’t have accommodations sorted for the summer, but you’ve got way, way too much stuff to lug home, putting your belongings into a storage service over the summer might be a good idea! When looking for a storage service in Edinburgh, we’d recommend that you consider the following:



  • Check what hours the business operates within! Some services will pick up and drop off your belongings, so see if their hours work within your timeframe.
  • If the service operates as a storage warehouse, check what days and hours they are open.
  • If you need to access your belongings whilst they’re in storage, ask how easy this would be.



  • Do you trust that they’ll keep your belongings secure?
  • Is the company insured to a reasonable amount, if anything should go wrong?
  • If you want to employ a “pick up and drop off” service, find out where they will be storing your belongings – is it dry and secure, or at risk of damp, mould, moths, or fire?
  • With a warehouse service, do you have your own padlock or can other people access your belongings?



  • Shop around and see which businesses offer the best deals! Many storage services advertise student discounts or cheaper rates if you store with them for a certain length of time.
  • Get free quotes from a number of places, which you can use to bargain down the price at the service you like most. Most warehouses will also do a cheaper rate for the first month.
  • If you plan on storing your belongings in a storage warehouse, don’t forget to factor in the cost of packing up your belongings and transporting them to the warehouse, either by hiring a van, a van and driver, a taxi, or getting a lift from a friend.
  • With a storage warehouse, also make sure you are only paying for the space you need. They may try to sell you a larger space than you require!
  • With a pick up and drop off service, check if they supply the boxes and whether they’ll help you pack up your things into the van.


Top Tips

  • You can get free boxes for packing up your belongings by asking at shops.
  • Don’t pack all your heavy books in one big box! Think about what will be easy to lift and carry.
  • Number your boxes to ensure that none go missing.
  • Shop around and don’t be afraid of haggling for a cheaper price!
  • Know where your belongings are and how you can access them if you need to.


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