I am super angry....

I am the manager of the Advice Place,

(you know that service that keeps harping on all over social media about keeping yourself safe from scams)

My card was cloned and used to spend £800 this morning with a further £600 pending.


Having calmed down my partner, who thought I had gone on a wild spending spree whilst on the bus to work, these are the things I learned...


  1. It is very very upsetting to have this happen but it also made me feel really embarrassed, how had this happened to me? Then I felt very cross with myself for thinking it, because of course it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone and why have a I let a criminal make me feel like its my fault.


  1. Thank goodness we looked at our account this morning because they started shopping at 8:00am and we stopped our card by 9:10am


  1. The bank suspects my card was cloned at am ATM months ago and they waited a while in case I was suspicious then tried to spend as much as they can before we noticed. So it made me realise even if you do think you have done something unsafe with your details then it all seems to be fine, maybe it is not.


The bank assures us they will refund what we have lost so if this has happened to you, don’t think all is lost. In the mean time I am faced with a good few weeks with £800 missing from my life. If you are in this situation come and see the Advice Place and we will make sure that you have enough money stay housed and fed.  Rest assured we will not think it is your fault.


Here’s advice from Police Scotland on keeping safe, I know it’s boring, but its more boring to spend hours on the phone reporting fraud. Trust me, I know.




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