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Student Council Online Ballot


We had a great meeting at Student Council on Thursday 23 November. Your sabbatical officers updated students on the great work they have been doing and students disused a range of issues. From the meeting, the motion “Working towards a smoke free university” went to an online ballot. Voting was open on 29th and 30th November and required 53 votes to be quorate. The results were as follows:



Total votes: 149

Votes for: 129

Votes against: 18

Abstentions: 2


The motion was therefore carried, meaning students have voted for the Students’ Association to work with the University to encourage a tobacco-free culture on campus, including the promotion of smoking cessation services.


Esther Dominy, Vice President Welfare said  “At the Students’ Association we believe students should be free to make their own choices relating to their health. We provide support for students’ wellbeing in any way we’re able to and according to what students want. As students have voted for the motion to be passed, we will be working with the proposers of the motion to explore support for those who would like to stop smoking as well as other actions contained in the motion.”


Any student at the University of Edinburgh can submit a proposal to change the Students’ Association, the University, the community or another aspect of student life. If you have an idea of a motion click here to find out more.