2018 Elections

Take part in the 2018 Student election Take part in the 2018 Student election

You have only five days left to nominate yourself to stand in the 2018 Student Elections!


Do you want to make changes for students at the University of Edinburgh while adding valuable skills and experience to your CV? 


We have a wide range of positions available including,

  • President
  • Vice-President Activities & Services
  • Vice-President Community
  • Vice-President Education
  • Vice-President Welfare


  • Liberation Officers:
  • Women’s Officer
  • Disabled Officer
  • LGBT+ Officer
  • Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer


  • Section Representatives:
  • International Students’ Representative
  • Student Parents’ Representative
  • Student Carers’ Representative
  • Mature Students’ Representative
  • Part-time Students’ Representative


  • 22 School Representative Positions (one for each school)


  • Activities Representatives (Societies and Volunteering Groups)
  • Activities Representative (Academic)                                                                          
  • Activities Representative (Advice & Community)                                                          
  • Activities Representative (Appreciation)                                                                     
  • Activities Representative (Artistic and Creative)                                                         
  • Activities Representative (Campaigning & Awareness)                                           
  • Activities Representative (Dance, Music and Theatre)                                             
  • Activities Representative (Employment, Transferable Skills & Finance)                
  • Activities Representative (Faith, Belief & Spiritual Development)                         
  • Activities Representative (Gaming & Roleplaying)                                                    
  • Activities Representative (International & Multicultural)                                        
  • Activities Representative (Media and Broadcasting)                                                  
  • Activities Representative (Physical and Outdoors)                                                      
  • Activities Representative (Political)                                                                              
  • Activities Representative (Volunteering) 



Click here to find out more about the positions available and nominate yourself.


Nominations must be received by 5pm on 22 February, and voting will take place online between Monday 5 and Thursday 8 March.