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Virtual Happy Hour: Quarantini with a Twist

Virtual Happy Hour: Quarantini with a Twist

Sat 19 September 2020 20:00-22:00

Microsoft Teams





They call it happy hour for a reason and it's five o clock somewhere! Join us for drinks and a game of Oceans 5 or So, where we will plan daring heists and celebrate the last days of summer.

We'll meet up on Microsoft Teams and later on, split into smaller groups where we will plan daring and elaborate heists of a high profile target. At the end, we'll get back together, everyone will present their devious and cunning plans and we can discuss which one will be most successful. This is a drinking event, but those who don't feel comfortable or don't drink are also welcome to join. The goal is to have fun, talk, and laugh and enjoy the company of friends.

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