SWP off campus

Passed by Student Council on 20 November 2014


Rape, sexual abuse, victim blaming, rape apologism]


What will we do?

  1. 1. To pressure the university to prevent the Socialist Workers Party (hereafter SWP) from advertising their events in EUSA or University venues.
  3. 2. To ask staff members of EUSA venues to take down any SWP posters they see on EUSA society boards.
  5. 3. To pressure the university to not allow the SWP to hold events in any EUSA or university venues or have stalls around campus, for example, outside the Main Library.
  7. 4. To never allow the SWP or any associated groups (such as Socialist Worker’s Student Society) to seek ratification from EUSA.
  9. 5. To support other universities and societies that have made similar moves to remove the SWP.


What is the background to this?

  1. 1. In 2012 the Disputes Committee of the SWP investigated allegations of sexual assault on a female member of the SWP by one of the senior members of the party.
  3. 2. It is reported that the woman who made the allegation was “questioned about her character, how often she drank alcohol, and her personal relationships”.[1]
  5. 3.It is reported that the Disputes Committee concluded that the rape allegation was unproven.[2]
  7. 4. Multiple concerns have been reported regarding the handling of the matter, with the party accused by one source of taking an “unsupportive approach” towards the woman who raised the allegation.[3]
  9. 5. After this investigation, thousands of members left, including most of the SWP’s student members, leaving very few student SWP groups left in the UK.
  11. 6. EUSA has a policy called 'End Rape Culture and Lad Banter on Campus' which states it should 'no platform rape apologists'.
  12. The SWP have been asked to not put their posters on EUSA society boards but have ignored this request.