University Safe Space Policy and Code of Conduct for Elected Reps
The current Safe Space Policy can be found here. The current Democratic Meeting Code of Conduct can be found here.
Passed by Welfare Council on the 12th November 2012.
What will we do?
1. Call on the university to work towards introducing Safe Space Policy in its buildings, modeled on Safe Space Policy that has been successfully implemented at EUSA, NUS and other students' unions.
2. Mandate all Sabbatical Officers to work to create a code of conduct for all EUSA reps based on NUS's code of conduct.
3. Issue a statement, reaffirming our commitment to students’ welfare, expressing our disappointment that the meeting was disturbed.
What is the background to this?
1. On Wednesday 24th October, the Israeli Ambassador came to Edinburgh University to speak to International Relations and Politics Society and Jewish Society.
2. There were concerns raised at the Welfare Council beforehand that his presence would cause severe distress to students, and that the meeting should therefore be called off.
3. On the day of the talk, protestors disrupted the meeting, brandished banners, and were shouting and singing.
4. Many inside were intimidated and upset, some left early, and the Ambassador was unable to speak.
5. University buildings do not employ EUSA’s safe space policy.
What beliefs motivate the actions you propose?
1. That EUSA and the University should be a place where all those should feel safe.
2. That societies should be free to invite anyone they wish, and hold closed meetings.
3. That those who attend meetings should be allowed to disagree and challenge the person(s) without causing distress to others.
4. That intimidation does not have a place on campus.
5. That having a code of conduct would allow EUSA reps who are unclear on appropriate actions to decide upon what actions would be acceptable in the future.