NUS Scotland: Wealth Redistribution and Education
Conference Believes:
  1. There is an austerity agenda that refuses to fund education properly, which produces a false choice between underfunded, fee-laden, debt-ridden education for the many or free, elite education for the privileged few.
  3. This is no choice at all.
  5. NUS believes in democracy – but political democracy is incomplete when the distribution of wealth is violently unequal and undemocratic.
  7. Vast wealth lies in the coffers of a handful of rich, powerful people and their private businesses, instead of being invested in socially useful purposes such as education.
  9. In 2008, the UK government spent £850 billion to bail out banks, but these banks have continued to operate much as before, instead of being required to spend that public money on the public good.
  11. If this wealth was instead under democratic control, our society could use it to build a comprehensive accessible free education system for all and pay every education worker decently, and still have plenty left over for free, world-class healthcare, good social housing, and decent public services and benefits for all.
Conference Resolves:
  2. To reject the absurd idea that our society lacks the resources to provide decently for its citizens, and make campaigning for the democratisation of our society’s wealth a priority running through NUS’s work.
  4. To demand that free, accessible, quality education, and decent wages, public services and benefits, are funded by:
a.       Ending tax evasion and avoidance and cracking down on tax havens
b.      Imposing serious taxes on the incomes, inheritance and capital gains of the rich
c.       Taking the banks, and their wealth, under democratic control
  2. To raise these demands in particular when putting forward positions on fees and education funding, and when organising protest actions.
Passed by Student Council on the 6th February 2014