NUS Scotland: Their Jobs, Our Education
Conference Believes:
  2. Following 3 years of a pay freeze, the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) has imposed a 1% pay offer for all HE staff in the UK on the national pay scale.
  4. As a result, all HE staff who are not off the pay scale (everybody who isn’t a senior manager) have had a 13% real terms pay cut over the past 4 years.
  6. This pay-cut has been labelled “one of the largest sustained wage cuts any profession has suffered since the Second World War.”
  8. In 2011-2012 University senior management pay rose, on average, by five thousand pounds per year.
  10. That this academic year saw, for the first time ever, coordinated strike action between UCU, Unison, UNITE and EIS.
  12. Many Universities and Colleges still employ large numbers of staff for less than the Living Wage, and often on highly casualised contracts.
  14. That industrial action in the FE sector over terms, conditions and bullying looks increasingly likely.
Conference Further Believes:
  2. Although industrial action is likely to affect students in the short term, in fighting for their terms and conditions staff trade unions are fighting for the long-term health of a set of professions of which students are the primary beneficiaries.
  4. It is our members and our staff who are made to pay the price when senior management try to cut their wage bill.
  6. The longer the picket, the shorter the strike.
Conference Resolves:
  1. Reaffirm support for our staff in the ongoing HE pay dispute.
  3. To publicly call on UCEA to meet the demands of the unions’ for a fair and equitable pay settlement as soon as possible.
  5. Barring a vote to the contrary at SEC which must be ratified at the following conference, to give our full support to our staff trade unions in any future industrial disputes.
Passed by Student Council on the 6th February 2014