Affiliate NUS Scotland to Students For Cooperation

What will we do?


  1. To affiliate to Students for Cooperation.
  2. To take up the use of Students for Cooperation affiliate logo on NUS Scotland materials such as letters and emails.
  3. To support student led co-operative initiatives and work with existing student coops such as the Edinburgh Student Housing Cooperative where possible.


What is the background?


1. Students for Cooperation is a national body created to help develop and support student co-operatives across the UK. It is democratically controlled and owned by its constituent co-ops (also known as a secondary co-op) and works to create new groups by providing training, workshops and support. It aims to create a dedicated network of co-operatives across the UK providing students with affordable, democratically controlled and member owned services.

2. There are several student coops that form part of Students For Cooperation in Scotland such as SHRUB (the Swap and Reuse Hub) in Edinburgh and the VegBag coop in Aberdeen.

3. The Cooperative principles bear a strong similarity to the principles of student unions and the student movement: Co-operatives are based on the values of self help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity.

4. Kirsty Haigh, the previous NUS Scotland Vice President Communities, worked on student led cooperative initiatives when she was in office.



What beliefs motivate the actions you propose?


1. Affiliating to Students for Cooperation will show our support for student led cooperative initiatives.

2. Affiliation will open up a dialogue between the NUS Scotland and Students For Cooperation so that they may collaborate on projects in the future.

3. Co-ops can play a vital role in pushing for radical social change in the same way student unions can.


Submitted with 20 student signatures