EUSA is a feminist
Passed by Student Council on the 21st November 2013
What will we do?
1. Pronounce that EUSA is a pro-feminist organisation.
2. Acknowledge and talk of EUSA as a pro-feminist organisation on the website, social media and external events
3. Promote intersectional Feminism to the student body and challenge negative connotations around the word and ideology.
What is the background to this?
1. Feminism strives for equality of the sexes with the understanding that women are still oppressed in our society. It is a struggle to end this sexist oppression. 
2. EUSA is a progressive organisation that champions women’s liberation and strives for gender equality.
3. EUSA needs to be constantly pushing for a world free from the patriarchy and all forms of oppression.
4. EUSA needs to be trying to create a society where women have the same opportunities as men, and aren’t objectified in order to sell products. A society where 1 in 3 women are not sexually harassed or raped and where everyone understands that gender is a social construct.
There are students on campus who do not know or understand the term feminism
5. An intersectional understanding of feminism recognises that oppression occurs in many ways and that everyone is affected differently.
What beliefs motivate the actions you propose?
1. Everyone should be a feminist as Feminism is the way forward to creating a more equal society.
2. Women deserve the same rights as men in our society.
3. Talking about feminism and challenging the patriarchy is how we will achieve women’s’ liberation.
4. The patriarchy can harm everyone, not just women. We strive to recognise the experiences of all people and breakdown all forms of oppression.
5. A lack of understanding or being shy about feminism will only hold women back further.