End Rape Culture and Lad Banter on Campus
Passed by Welfare Council on the 11th March 2013.
What will we do?
1. To campaign against myths and stereotypes around sexual violence in conjuncture with the VPSA, Women’s Convener and Women’s Social and Political Union and the Feminist Society.
2. To support women's campaigns across the campus and Edinburgh to stand up against these misogynist views.
3. To mandate the VPS and VPSA to work together with the Women’s Convener and Women’s Social and Political Union to make all night clubs in Edinburgh sign up to Zero Tolerance policies against sexual harassment and sexual violence.
4. To produce guidance educating academic staff/student union staff on the reality of sexual violence.
5. To support Reclaim the Night marches held in Edinburgh.
6. To No Platform known rape apologists such as George Galloway.
7. To campaign against lad culture and the websites/companies that promote it such as UniLad and ‘Spotted in the Library’ Facebook pages.
8. To begin a campaign to educate students on the negative effect of websites such as UniLAD, lobby websites such as UniLAD to remove all such material as would be considered by this motion to be offensive and lobby to have them shut down under the appropriate laws should they refuse to comply.
What is the background to this?
1. A significant proportion of students and the wider population hold dangerous victim-blaming views about women who experience rape and sexual violence.
2. These views are regularly expressed in our learning and social environments on campus, often without challenge from even from academic staff.
3. Following sexual violence on or near campus, our institutions and the police are still telling women to change their behaviour - i.e. do not walk alone, get a taxi etc.
4. During the summer of 2012, MP George Galloway via podcast publicly commented that having sex with a woman who is asleep isn’t rape, if sex had happened earlier in the evening. He suggested this was just ‘bad sex etiquette’.
5. UniLad is an organization operating through a website and Facebook group run by an unknown author.
6. UniLad is aimed at male University Students and claims to be the 'top student lads magazine'.
It focuses around producing articles aimed at male students with titles such as 'Want the Gash? Spend some cash'.
What beliefs motivate the actions you propose?
1. That such views can be triggering and distressing for survivors of sexual violence.
2. That such views must be challenged in our social and academic environments in order to dispel the dangerous myths and stereotypes around sexual violence.
3. That the solution to sexual violence is for rapists to stop raping, not for women to restrict their movement.
4. UniLad website glamorizes and promotes the sexual objectification of women.
5. UniLad and other lad culture promoters trivialize rape and by doing contribute to a culturally permissible attitude to rape which is disgusting and cannot be allowed by our union.