Campaigning against PREVENT

Passed by the Student Council of 31 March 2016


What will we do?


  1. Give £200 to the Students Not Suspects group to fund this campaign against Prevent. This will be used for banner making, leaflets and other campaign materials and expenses.

What is the background to this?


1. The government’s Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 places a statutory requirement on Universities to ’prevent people being drawn into terrorism’ and to implement the ‘Prevent’ agenda. It disproportionately targets Muslim and BME students as well as aiding in the creation of an expansive surveillance architecture to spy on the public and to police dissent.


2. EUSA has already policy against Prevent (see Preventing Prevent). In this, EUSA is mandated to campaign against the Prevent Strategy.


3. To do this properly, the Students Not Suspects group (set up by the BME Liberation Convenor) needs funding to run this campaign

What beliefs motivate the actions you propose?


1. The implementation of the Prevent Strategy on campus will not only isolate Muslim students but undermine the civil liberties of other groups such as environmental, political and human rights activists.


2. Prevent is a dangerous, racist and Islamophobic piece of legislation. As a student union, we should be at the forefront of fighting against this agenda.


Submitted by the BME Liberation Group