These are policies that are passed by and or affect one of our four liberation campaigns: Black and Minority Ethnic, Disabled Students', LGBT+ and Women's. These are policies which challenge stigma, and tackle the oppression these groups face. 


Free bus passes for disabled students (January 2020)

Support the campaign for universal access to menstrual products (January 2020)

Material Support for Trans and Non Binary Students (March 2019)

Fund a Mural for Women of Colour on George Square Campus (January 2019)

Take a stand against Transphobia on our campus (November 2018)

Representing Trans and Non-Binary Students (November 2018)

Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment at the Students’ Association (October 2018)

Changing Places Toilets on Campus (September 2018)

Material Support for Trans/Non-Binary Students (expenditure request) (March 2018)

I'm in admin hell get me out of here support for liberation officers (March 2018)

Funding a ticket to "Improving BAME Outcomes in Further and Higher Education" Conference (expenditure request) (January 2018)

Fund Feminist Street Art on Campus (February 2017)

Accessibility at Student Council (March 2016)

Campaiging Against PREVENT (March 2016)

Student Carers (March 2016)

Improve University Support for Student Parents (Feb 2016)

EUSA: Stop Taking the Piss (Dec 2015)

You can't be what you can't see; implementing diversity in student spaces (Nov 2015)

Funding for the Accessible Edinburgh Campaign (Nov 2015)

Supporting Disabled Students in Politics (Nov 2015)

Preventing Prevent (Oct 2015)

Support Feminist Society Campaign (Oct 2015)

Support Feminist Society Campaign (Expenditure) (Oct 2015)


General Meeting Policy