Transparency in expenditure for democratic processes

Passed by Student Council on the 2nd of April 2015

What will we do?


1.    Mandate EUSA’s Sabbatical Officers to task the Senior Management team within EUSA to clearly communicate (on a resource on the EUSA web pages under Your Voice/Get Involved) at the start of each Academic Year the individual amounts ring-fenced for use by: Liberation Group Convenors, Section Group Convenors, Standing Committees (Academic, External and Welfare), and Student Council expenditure and to name the person/body responsible for the allocation of each of those budgets

2.    Mandate EUSA’s Sabbatical Officers to task the Senior Management team to clearly communicate (as above) the individual amounts (including £0 amounts) ring-fenced  for: NUS National Conference delegations, NUS Scotland Conference delegations, NUS Scotland/UK Liberation Conferences delegations, NUS  Scotland/UK Sections Conferences delegations, NUS Zone Conferences delegations and  to name  the person/body in charge of each of those budgets (amounts to include registration fees, sustenance fees, travel costs and accommodation costs where applicable)

3.    Mandate EUSA’s Sabbatical Officers to task the non-Sabbatical Senior Management team within EUSA to ensure the resource mentioned (in 1 above) is updated within 5 working days of claims being approved and recorded against any of those budgets and produce a final spreadsheet detailing how much money was allocated and noting any surplus/deficit

4.    Mandate Student Council Chair to request and subsequently relay updates on projects which Student Council has approved funding for

5.    Mandate Sabbatical Officers to publish how much has been spent from EUSA funds on materials used for demonstrations bearing EUSA logo which has not been deducted from any of the afore-mentioned budgets within 5 working days of the demonstration being held


What is the background to this?


1.    Student Council Budget was cut in 2014/2015 (from £8500 to 6500) with no satisfactory reason as to why being given

2.    There is a lack of transparency surrounding where the funding comes from to send delegates to conferences and how much has been ring-fenced for this purpose

3.    Expenditure requests are often vague in exact amounts with ‘upto’ figures instead being used, but no records are produced produced to show what amount was subsequently paid or what it went towards

4.    Elected reps are asked to approve expenditure requests without being updated on the projects the funds were allocated for to see that the money was received and when it was claimed


What beliefs motivate the actions you propose?

1.    That EUSA should be continually striving to ensure complete transparency in its accounting procedures relating to democracy and representation

2.    That all of EUSA’s members should be easily able to see how and where their elected representatives are spending EUSA’s money




Submitted by the Mature and Part-Time group