EUSA recognises structural oppression and discrimination.

Passed by Student Council on the 2nd of April 2015

What will we do?


1.    EUSA as a body are mandated to recognise the existence of structural and systematic oppression and discrimination within society. Specifically in regards to race, gender, disabilities & mental health, and LGBTQ+ identities.

2.    The sabbatical officers, student representatives and administrative body are mandated to account for this oppression in their dealings with students and policy.

3.    EUSA should push for liberation issues to be included in the curriculum and all university practices.

4.    To provide more adequate support for students who are dealing with these structural oppressions. As well as lobbying the university to improve how they handle these issues.


What is the background to this?


1.    A substantial number of our students still suffer from the repercussion of structural and historic oppression.

2.    These inequalities can be seen in society by the under-representation of these groups in positions of power.

3.    EUSA already accounts for these oppressed groups within their liberation structure, EUSA must also accept that these oppressions come from historic and hegemonic power structures. These have a real effect on students’ lives to this day.


What beliefs motivate the actions you propose?

1.    EUSA recognises that experiences of structural oppression are different to discrimination based on other characteristics.

2.    It is clear to see that a multitude of inequalities exist within society to this day. EUSA as a body which aims to represent all students would be failing in its duty if it did not recognise this.



Submitted by the BME liberation Group, Women's Liberation group, Disability and Mental Wellbeing liberation group, LGBTQ+ Liberation group